Lewes Race course history


Hi my name is Barry Foulkes and I have been researching the old Lewes Race course for over 11 years, login all runners, riders, winners, trainers and full history to the best of my knowledge, from 1727  to the final race day in 1964. We have set up a committee to help with fundraising and collecting information, with the aim to set up a museum in Lewes, with input from past and present trainer, we also welcome any information that you may know about the race course, that can make our museum more knowledgeable for visitors. 

We are currantly working on our site and hope to be fully up and running soon.

Should you wish to contact me please use our contact page. 

We are aware that some of our material has been copied, all text and images are the property of Lewes Racecourse History, formally The Lewes Racecourse Club, if we fined that any item is published without our consent, action will be taken against any third party.


Lewes Race Course in 1874

The new race stand on the left hand side opened in 1874 the whole building was erected by Mr James Langley, of Worth from the plans and under the superintendence of Messrs Clarke and Holland of Newmarket.

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