Lewes Racecourse History Exhibition 2019

     We would like to thank everyone that supported our exhibition and for all your kind comments

Mr White

Very interesting, well layed out congratulations.

P & V Fielding

Very well done, lots of lovely memories and information.

S Flynn

Beautifully laid out, exceptionally interresting- both regards local racing and social history.

J Lee

Facinating exhibition, such a lot of varied information. This is such an important part of Lewes history, more people should know about it. Thank you.

S Martin

Fantastic work Barry especially meeting people who knew my dad Johnny Hemsley.

L  Quilter

Wonderful collection of memorabilia. Well done Barry

P Hayward

Great work, a real treasure trove. Thank you

J Lamb

A great tribute to those that worked at this  course.

K Purdie

Fabulous memory, thanks for your hard work, shame it did not survive.

K Grant

Brilliant! resurrected it ! ? Well done Barry

S Otway


M Flower

Much Enjoyed.

D Carter

Very interesting thank you. I was brought up in Lewes and came back for this.

L & A Hayward

Amazing so many memories for us all. All of us come from Lewes.

G & M Byrne

What a great exhibition, my husband spent many a happy afternoon here thank you.

J Rimmer

Fasinating exhibition, didn't know of the history before. Have 4 horses trained here.

A Sim

Poignant stuff, long may you continue. 

B Leyman

Great to see old Jockey, Bunny Hicks rode one last race at Lewes.

A Bowls

Thank you Barry for such a wounderful exhibition. So appriciated memmories.

B & V Bodie

Thank you for a great exhibition, bringing so many people together to share memories.

J & T Steggall

Marvelous exhibition once more, nice to meet so many old faces again.

J Brent

So much to look at, excellent presentation, very enjoyable.

G Brown

Really enjoyed the display.

S Smith

Very interesting exhibition to keep the history alive! Thanks.

C Pattenden

Nice exhibition very interesting.

S Gordon-Watson

Great interesting keep up the good work.

M Symes

A very interesting and comprehensive exhibition, well done very enjoyable.

A Underhill

A very interesting morning so much to see.

M & I Bolton

Would have made my dad Derek very proud blood is thicker than water, family ties more important than wealth, Lewes will forever be in my soul, god bless and keep all safe for ever more.

M Bolton

This will always be a day that bought one joy.

J & J Bolton

Brilliant organised and so nice to see old friends, my dad Norman would have loved to have been able to attend.

G Frost

Brilliant exhibition, such a shame for the people and the town that the racecourse had to close.

B & M Hicks

Lovely day catching up with people from years ago, well done Barry and Co.

P & J Lucas

Well done Barry, you've worked so hard to get interesting collection.

S & T Masson

Great show Barry and team well done.

D Carter

It was a well managed event, with excellent displays of interest and history. It evoked those far off days with empathy, an eye for detail and no small degree of nostalgia. 

I Carter

When planning and organising such an event, one never knows what the response will be.  but it was lovely and reassuring to see so many people present and really taking an interest in everything. A lot of thought had been given to the lay out and it was well presented.  All in all, a very enjoyable and worthwhile visit. Many congratulations and a big THANK YOU to you and your team for all your input. I am sure you felt  that it was all worth it, and that all of your efforts were rewarded. 

D Shoult

What an excellent exhibition, of information and memorabilia of Lewes race course. All four of us very much enjoyed the morning and it bought back so many memories.  It must have taken so much time and work on your part and others to have bought together such a brilliant history of the race course. Lewes has such a thriving racing community and it was a very sad day when that stopped.

S Simpson

Barry what a fabulous exhibition you organised, it was really super, I loved it.